'Helping People to Christ-Likeness'


'To Love and Serve Passionately'


Life transformation is the heart beat of what we do and the reason for our existence. Our ultimate passion and delight is to see Christ formed in the heart of everyone we meet. This is exciting to us and by God's grace we hope to achieve this through the vision He has given us. 


The heart to serve comes from Gods love for those around us, and the Lords instruction to love your neighbor as yourself.


Leadership Team


King & Chizzy


Senior Pastors 

Kene & Amy


Executive Pastors



Associate Pastor

Robert & Virginia


Apostolic Elders

Emmanuel & Eunice


Apostolic Elders

We are a non-denominational family church located in Blean village Canterbury, with a passion to extend the love of Christ to everyone in our local community and beyond.

It all started on a Thursday morning when God spoke to our Senior Pastor, "I commission you today the 25th of June 2015, to the work of ministry. You will be my hands and my legs, where I say go, you'll go and what I say do, you'll do". So God sent our Pastor & Family to Canterbury by faith to pioneer this work. 

Although our vision and mission was initially spoken to one man (King U. James), he also received a clear instruction from God to build and lead Favour House church with a team of passionate leaders and willing volunteers. 

As a community church our ultimate passion and delight is to love and serve people. We have a mandate to help people become like Christ in every aspect of life. Our goal is to equip, empower, and mobilize people to make  kingdom impact outside the walls of Favour House Church. We are a non-denominational family church located in Blean Canterbury and we strongly believe that we can accomplish our God given vision by joining hands with ministries and organizations already effectively working in our community, to help people's journey through life and godliness. 

Life transformation is the heart beat of what we do and teach, it is our ultimate passion and delight. As a church, our purpose of existence is to see Christ formed in the heart of everyone we meet. This is exciting to us and by God's grace we hope to achieve this through the vision He gave us. 


Our communities need the love of God and so do our families. Our children need His touch to have a life filled with hope and excitement and so does our world. At Favour House Church, we believe that we are an extension of God's hands and legs to make this happen in our local community by fulfilling our mission statement.

To achieve this mandate, we are bold to solicit the help of anyone who believes in our mission. Mercy should reign over judgment in our homes and our families built on a strong foundation of love and godly character.


Church is so much more than weekly Sunday services.

It’s about connecting with other people, growing in faith together, and building a strong foundation for your family.

Our goal is to help people believe in Jesus, belong to His family, become a disciple of Jesus, and participate in building God's kingdom.

We want everyone to experience what God has for them and to realising their individual calling.